Transition & Seat Wrap


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YOU'RE DIRTY...KEEP YOUR CAR PURDY! A car seat cover and changing towel in one. The Transition & Seat Wrap is the answer to parking lot and trail head gear changes as well as keeping that clean seat of yours clean!

The Wrap has two objectives. 1. Allow for a secure change thanks to the adjustable belt with a secure clip (no Velcro). 2. Function as a car seat cover to keep post workout grime on the towel, not the seat. As a bonus, it works as a regular towel too!


  • Patented
  • 30" wide x 60" long
  • Impact resistant polymer clip
  • Laser cut super tough belt
  • 1 year warranty
  • Wash cold before first use, dry cool.
  • Some are made in China, some are made in the USA.
  • Material: 100% Terry Cloth, Cotton