HydraQuiver Single Barrel


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Have you seen someone on the trail running with bottles on their back and thought what the heck is that? Tired of bouncing and sloshing hydration packs? Solution found, meet the HydraQuiver Single Barrel. The HydraQuiver sports a silky smooth webbing, long spandex pockets to hold your phone while running, an interior rear cargo storage and a secure zipper pull.

Thick foam padding and big air channels provide ample support and maximum breath-ability. The running water bottle is easy to reach and replace thanks to a wide funnel opening and perfect retention. We use a reusable BPA-free water bottle to make refills quick and clean up easy. Unlike a hydration bladder, these are much easier to wash! For your nighttime safety we have a reflective logo on the bottle holder. There is also an area at the base of the pack to attach your jacket or shirt with our optional cord and cord lock kit. Wear instructions are simple, put on the pack, cinch it down snug and you're good to go! Yes it fits the ladies just as well as the guys.
Learn how to wear the pack and secure the excess webbing. Click here!

Features: Capacity - 140 cu in ~ Weight without bottle, 7.2oz/204 grams, with bottle 10oz/282 grams ~ Super breathable nylon ~ Secure storage with headphone port ~ Bottle: BPA Free 25oz/739ml ~ Patent pending - Made in Vietnam and/or Mexico
Technical Specs
  • Cargo Capacity - 54 cu inc
  • Dry weight -åÊ9.2 oz, 261 grams, .575 lbs
  • Weight with bottle - 12.2 oz, 346 grams, 0.76 lbs
  • Super breathable nylon
  • Designed and made in the USA
  • Secure storage for smartphone, mp3, tape deck
  • Hydration capacity: 21 to 26 oz
  • Back panel: Mesh with thick foam insert for air flow