General FAQs

Is it easy to grab the bottle? How about put it back in?

Super easy. Can you scratch the back of your head? If so you're all set. Just reach back by gliding your palm over your shoulder to grab the bottle. A slight twist makes retrieval even easier. Putting it back is super easy too, even at a full pace.

Will the straps through my armpits rub me raw? It seems weird....

Our packs are designed for running. Doing so creates some fun challenges and as such they aren't as comfortable to wear around your house, at least not properly anyway. But when you first get it in the mail that's probably where you will put it on and think "man this fit is different". Well your right, it is! But don't let that scare you away. Cinch it up tight, nice and snug leaving about a thumbs thickness under the straps and take it for a test drive. Remember we have a money back policy since we actually want you to test and put our gear to work. All we ask if give it three tries and after three we're pretty confident that you'll dig it!.

What makes your packs different?

Lots of things! Fit -

  • Our packs mount on your upper shoulders which is a very stable area while running. Keeping the packs off your torso and lumbar regions ensures that movement is kept to a minimum for a stable run. It's also not a core hot zone on your body so temperature regulation is greatly enhanced.
  • Temperature Regulation - When you're cold, where do you put your arms? Across your chest right? Notice that our packs don't have front chest pockets, or the ones that do stop just about the nipple line. This keeps breathability at a max!
  • Bottles - Our bottle based systems allow maximum heat transfer away from your body. Imagine a typical bladder is at least 6" wide and at least 16" long, that's a lot of plastic trapping heat on your back. Our small 2.875" diameter bottles transfer heat right past them easily. Plus you can refill and management fluid levels easy, aid station volunteers will love you, and you likely already have backup bottles in your pantry.
  • Materials - We use tough materials that will last you a very long time. Endurance racing is hard enough, you shouldn't have to worry about your pack failing. Sure we overkill somethings, but at the expense of a few grams extra you can trust your gear.
  • Accessory Management - We have a lot of strategic pockets to manage your cell phone while running, electrolytes, food, gels, and more all at quick access.
  • Breathability - All of our packs are designed with air flow as a major component. We use mesh that isn't typically used in sporting goods, rather generally medical device and military, just so we keep your temps regulated. Plus it's tough too!

Do you have somewhere to hold my phone?

The shoulder pockets are perfect for storing your phone. An iphone 6 fits great in them, or 6+ fits in the front chest pockets or in the rear cargo

Is there a place to put my keys?

Of course! On the Single Barrel, Gear Quiver, and Double Barrel hydration pack, open up the rear zipper pocket and you'll find a 1/4" thick cord with a key clip on it. On the Vest Pack 1 and 2 the clip is in the inside of the front right chest pocket.

What's the black circle with the cross in it on the back of the Single Barrel?

That's the headphone port.

What's the V shaped feature at the bottom of the Single Barrel with the oval holes in it?

That's to use an optional cord and cord lock set to hold a jacket.